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Zoomlion Crane Helps Hoist and Install the Dome of the First Hualong One Reactor in the World


Zoomlion Crane Helps Hoist and Install the Dome of the First Hualong One Reactor in the World

At 17: 58 on May 25th, Zoomlion 3200t crawler crane successfully lowered down the dome with a weight of approximately 340t onto the top of the 45m high reactor, marking that the lifting and installation of the dome of Hualong One pilot nuclear power project—unit 5 of the Fujian Fuqing nuclear power plant was successfully completed. From then on, Hualong One pilot nuclear power project has been fully transferred to equipment installation phase from civil engineering construction phase.

Hualong One is a domestically-developed third generation nuclear power technology, of which China owns the complete proprietary intellectual property rights. Construction on a pilot nuclear power project using Hualong One technology in Fuqing City of Fujian Province was begun on May 7th, 2015. The lifting and installation of the dome is just like a coming-of-age ceremony, marking that the industrial construction of Hualong One project has made new milestone-like progress.

Dome lifting and installation is a critical step in the nuclear power project construction. As one part of the reactor building, the dome is located on the top to cover and form a complete reactor building. In addition, it is an important component related to nuclear safety by serving as a safety shield in case of nuclear accidents under extreme conditions in the future. Therefore, high requirements are put on the technologies, design and construction of dome lifting and installation.


Zoomlion 3200t Crawler Crane Helps Hoist and Install the Dome of the First Hualong One Reactor in the World

Lifting and installation of Hualong One dome features the maximum hoisting weight and height among operations that have been performed in the world’s nuclear power constructions. Yang Jianguo, on-site hoisting commander, said Hualong One dome has a diameter of 46.8m, a height of 23.4m and a total weight of over 500t with slings, but it is required that the height difference between the highest point and the lowest point above the ground shall be less than 200mm during hoisting process, which significantly increases construction difficulties compared with traditional reactor types. Moreover, hoisting is also affected by weather conditions, especially wind, for too high wind speed will directly influence the hosting stability and increase construction difficulty.

Boasting a maximum hoisting capacity of 3200t and a maximum hoisting torque of 82000tm, the Zoomlion 3200t Crawler Crane that fulfills this hoisting task is one of the super-large mobile cranes with the best hoisting performance and most advanced technologies in the world, whose application ranges include nuclear lifting and installation for Hualong One, AP1000 and high temperature gas cooled reactors as well as petrochemical engineering fields.

It is learned that Zoomlion 3200t Crawler Crane is the only domestically-manufactured crane that is used for nuclear lifting and installation, which has accumulated rich construction experiences after working safely and reliably for almost three years in Tianwan and Shidaowan nuclear power projects in China. What’s more, in order to ensure that the lifting and installation task be successfully completed, digital simulation has been adopted for the overall planning of the task by repeatedly simulating the lifting and installation process in computers before the complete and detailed lifting and installation scheme is worked out.

During the lifting and installation process, over 100 embedded sensors added to the Zoomlion 3200t Crawler Crane can detect various statues like pressure, load and speed, etc. In this way, operation parameters can be automatically adjusted to ensure a lifting and installation accuracy of less than 2mm, making the operation stable and precise. The successful lifting and installation of Hualong One dome has gained the domestic engineering machinery enterprises a greater say in the world’s crawler crane field. At present, nuclear power technology is helping pave the way for China's equipment to go global and Zoomlion will further explore the overseas market with such nuclear power projects like Hualong One.

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